COVID-19 Impacts Consumers’ Thanksgiving Spending

According to our recent study, COVID-19 is changing how consumers plan to spend Thanksgiving. The survey asked 600 consumers how they plan to spend Thanksgiving this year, and the majority of respondents (36.67%) said they’ll be spending it at home without guests, compared to last year when only 21.79% spent it at home alone. Consumers will be traveling less, with 25.5% of consumers stating that they’ll be visiting family and friends, compared to 37.18% last year.

How did you spend Thanksgiving Day LAST year?

At home without guests 21.79%
At home with guests 39.74%
I will be visiting family or friends 37.18%
I will be traveling and staying at a hotel/airbnb 1.28%

How are you planning to spend Thanksgiving Day THIS year?

At home without guests 36.67%
At home with guests 20.00%
I will be visiting family or friends 25.50%
I will be traveling and staying at a hotel/airbnb 0.67%
Not sure yet because of COVID-19 17.17%

How consumers plan to spend Thanksgiving isn’t the only thing that looks different this year. COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the way consumers buy their groceries, with a surge in online grocery shopping. For many, buying groceries online has become the norm. In fact, our research shows that only 20% of online grocery shoppers will return to brick-and-mortar only buying when the pandemic is over. 56% of consumers said they’ll be doing at least some of their Thanksgiving grocery shopping online this year.

How are you going to do grocery shopping for Thanksgiving Day?

I will order everything online 25.29%
I will order some things online, but I will also go to a grocery store 30.88%
I will go to a grocery store 43.82%

At the onset of the pandemic, consumers reported issues with online grocery shopping including delays and difficulty with ordering. In April, 17.24% of consumers stated that their last delivery was delayed, and 60.75% reported that it was easy to make an order. In the August study, only 8.08% of consumers reported a delayed delivery, and nearly 75% said their order was easy.

It was easy to order 74.13%
Delivery/Pick-up was on-time 60.05%
Some items I ordered were sold out 35.10%
Some items I ordered were substituted with something familiar 32.33%
Delivery was delayed 8.08%
I had to join a waiting list before I could shop 7.39%
My order was cancelled 2.08%
I was unable to schedule a Delivery/Pick-up time 0.69%
Other 0.69%

This article was originally published in Path to Purchase IQ.

We will continue to monitor consumer trends as we navigate out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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