Pandemic Snacking: Unprecedented Habit Interruption Creates Vulnerability and Opportunity (White Paper)

It has been a challenging year amidst the pandemic for consumers, brands and brick-and-mortar retail as the pandemic surged. To no surprise, e-commerce sales rapidly soared as the demand for household pantry staples, products with longer shelf lives, and healthy foods dramatically increased as shoppers made fewer trips to their local grocery store.

This change in consumer buying behavior impacted supply chains and shifted how brands could meet consumer needs. As a result, pantry staple categories saw exponential growth, while other categories, such as snack and confectionery, faced challenges due to a reduction in impulse purchases and consumers’ need for variety.

Categories now have the unique opportunity to break through any purchase conversion barriers by providing consumers with convenient solutions to try and purchase products by leveraging innovative technology.

Download our latest report with Brandshare to learn how snack and confectionery brands can increase purchase conversion and capture market share when online consumer shopping is at an all-time high.

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