Offline, shopping for durable goods is nothing like CPG shopping – you don’t go to a department or electronic store and troll the aisles, tossing products “that look interesting” into your cart.  Conversely, you typically don’t visit five grocery stores to compare prices and styles of your dog food, the way you might with a sofa.

It’s the same online – CPG is fundamentally different.  So, it’s little wonder that CPG digital marketers who’ve read and followed “digital marketing best practices” based on success in other categories, are left wondering why sales are not skyrocketing.  It’s because CPG – online or offline – is nothing like other categories.  

We’ve all read, “you have to have reviews,” and “purchase rates are much higher if the shopper has liked your Facebook page.”  But think: did you read reviews of the last gum you tried? Did you follow the Facebook page for your antacids?

Join SmartCommerce’s CEO Jennifer Silverberg in her session, Why Engagement Is Quicksand on the CPG Path to Purchase, to learn how to understand the online experience that works for CPG consumers (and to avoid the pitfalls that can drag down your brand).

And, you’ll learn how to build it quickly and easily. As this burgeoning sector continues to grow online, the big winners tomorrow will be the brands and retailers that are positioning themselves with frictionless experiences today.

To discuss these exciting opportunities for CPG brands, visit us at Booth #530 next month. You will also be able to see and experience for yourself some of the solutions and ideas CPG brands are using to drive demand and sales.

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Path To Purchase Expo

When: October 2-4, 2018 (the E-commerce Symposium is Oct. 2)

Where: Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN

SmartCommerce — Booth 530

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