2019 Report: CPG Brands Change Ecommerce Strategies to Meet Consumer Needs

Earlier this month, Internet Retailer released a first of its kind study on what CPG brands are doing to build their eCommerce strategies and keep up with consumers’ fast-growing needs. 

The report includes insights from key CPG executives, total eCommerce sales and growth estimates of major CPG manufacturers, 20+ charts and tables, notable strategic acquisitions, and more. 

Why CPG Brands Should Read It

Simply put – it examines several critical topics that impact ALL CPG Brands (no exceptions), such as why Amazon is such a critical player in the online market and a look at the top destinations for online CPG shoppers in 2019. 

According to Internet Retailer, their report “…examines the ways CPG manufacturers are building their eCommerce businesses using strategies that include working with online retailers, selling selected products directly to consumers and spending billions of dollars collectively on strategic acquisitions of startup brands like Harry’s and Graze.”

And just in case you need one more reason to read it… the stats. Internet Retailer conducted an exclusive survey on how consumers shop online, what they purchase, and what makes them purchase online vs. in-store. Here’s an example:

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What to Know About Amazon

With an entire section dedicated to “Why Amazon is Essential,” the 2019 reports discusses everything from how Amazon is impacting consumer expectations, product searches, digital marketing channels, overall CPG sales, and more. 

Our CEO, Jennifer Silverberg, contributed to the discussion, noting some important factors to consider:

“While she cautions clients to think beyond merely selling on Amazon, Silverberg says the eCommerce giant is a vital part of any CPG company’s online strategy. 

“You should be anywhere your shopper is shopping,” Silverberg says. For brands that want to sell online, it’s vital to include Amazon in the mix.”

How to Get the 2019 Report

To read more insights from Jennifer’s interview and see the full report (we highly recommend it – and not just because our CEO is a contributor), click here to purchase.

In CPG’s state of rapidly changing consumer habits and purchasing behaviors, these findings are sure to inform the majority of major CPG brand strategies for 2020. 

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about how SmartCommerce Click2Cart® technology can help your brand drive online CPG sales, contact us today. 

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