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Interactive and shoppable videos are becoming a must-buy for marketers. Our recent report with KERV Interactive found that interactive shoppable videos reach highly-qualified and motivated consumers because they are so engagement-based. Interested in learning more about our recent KERV partnership report and the trend toward interactive shoppable videos?


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How Big Food Drives Impulse Buys Online

As online shopping gains mainstream acceptance, Big Food can no longer rely on a captive in-store audience — and brands are racing to find ways to capture these spontaneous buys in the digital space.

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Tech Is a Priority for Grocers will soon begin offering same-day delivery to some customers in New York City, and it has purchased a local startup to help it with the behind-the-scenes logistics.

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Food Tops List of Impulse Purchases

A January 2018 survey of US adults by OnePoll delved into impulse shopping behavior and found food and groceries are the most popular unplanned products that make their way into shopping carts, cited by 71% of respondents.

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